Guard Tour System

The Guard Patrol Tour System features the latest in memory chip technology. It is the ideal solution to track the Security Officer's Patrol rounds whose duties are for example: checking the client's doors; employee break rooms; heating/boiling systems; windows, etc. We can tailor make this to fit an endless array of possibilities. The remote scanner records the date and time and tag ID when brought in contact with a mounted button, and with the included Patrol Management software, we can generate reports which can be either emailed of faxed in the approved time frame.

Whether you have a current Guard or Patrol Service, or are looking for the first time, the most often question I hear is: "How do I know that your officer was checking the property as he is supposed to, or even at all?"

This system answers those questions and more. It makes the Security Officer accountable, as well as the Security Service you are paying good money to protect your property. Majestic takes Security to a new level, and gives you the peace of mind, knowing you are in good hands while you are away from your building or property.

Below is a link to an example report

Example Guard Tour Report


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